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Cari appassionati di libri, oggi un paio di uscite per voi. Una è del giorno di oggi, mentre la prima che vi esporrò è di qualche giorno fa. Ammetto che quel giorno di sono fatta cogliere da pigrizia acuta e non aggiornato il blog -.-'''

Titolo: Join
Autore: Steve Toutonghi
Editore: Soho Press
Data di pubblicazione: 19 aprile 2016
Pagine: 336
Costo: 20,16

What if you could live multiple lives simultaneously, have constant, perfect companionship, and never die? That’s the promise of Join, a revolutionary technology that allows small groups of minds to unite, forming a single consciousness that experiences the world through multiple bodies. But as two best friends, Chance and Lucky, living in an alternate version of our own near future quickly discover, the light of that miracle may be blinding them to its horrors. Jolted out of comfortable, professional routines by a brutal encounter with a terrifying stranger and a malfunction in the join technology, Chance and Lucky follow a faint trail of clues off the grid in their desperate search for a cure. Their journey leads them into the scarred heart of the North American continent. There, within the improvised shelter of the “solos” left behind by the rush of technology, they encounter the architects of a new kind of human consciousness. With the planet descending into environmental ruin, their trust of each other becomes their only guide through the moral hazards of a society in which individual identity has come undone. Along the way, they must confront their own long-buried secrets, and learn how their story of injured conscience connects them to the arc of human evolution.

 Titolo: Dancer's Lament
Autore: Ian C. Esslemont
Saga: Path to Ascendancy #1
Editore: Tor Books
Data di pubblicazione: 21 aprile 2016
Pagine: 592
Costo: 25,78

For ages warfare has crippled the continent as minor city states, baronies, and principalities fought in an endless round of hostilities. Only the alliance of the rival Tali and Quon cities could field the resources to mount a hegemony from coast to coast -- and thus become known as Quon Tali. It is a generation since the collapse of this dynasty and regional powers are once more rousing themselves. Into this arena of renewed border wars come two youths to the powerful central city state that is Li Heng. One is named Dorin, and he comes determined to prove himself the most skilled assassin of his age; he is chasing the other youth -- a Dal Hon mage who has proven himself annoyingly difficult to kill. Li Heng has been guided and warded for centuries by the powerful sorceress known as the "Protectress", and she allows no rivals. She and her cabal of five mage servants were enough to repel the Quon Tali Iron Legions -- what could two youths hope to accomplish under their stifling rule? Yet under the new and ambitious King Chulalorn the Third, Itko Kan is on the march from the south. He sends his own assassin servants, the Nightblades, against the city, and there are hints that he also commands inhuman forces out of legend. While above all, shadows swirl oddly about Li Heng, and monstrous slathering beasts seem to appear from nowhere to run howling through the street. It is a time of chaos and upheaval, and in chaos, as the young Dal Hon mage would say, there is opportunity

Una piccola nota al riguardo Dancer's Lament.Si tratta di un libro fantasy legato alla saga Malazan Empire. Secondo Goodreads, e da quel che ho capito, si tratta di una "espansione" della saga. Dovrebbe essere ambientato in concomitanza del libro terzo della saga di Malazan.

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  1. Sono inglesi per cui chissà quando/se mai vedranno la luce da noi. Peccato perchè il primo mi interesserebbe molto

    1. Per questo ho imprato l'inglese *-*

  2. Mi ispira il primo, poi che bella cover :)
    Li vedremo mai in Italia? Speriamo...

    1. Non credo, purtroppo -.-''

  3. Ommioddio, Join sembra stupendo! E quella cover *_____*
    Devo averlo, grazie per avermelo fatto scoprire :D


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